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Copy of Tips & Tricks for Toilet Training

Ah, the wonderful world of toilet training! Making the transition from nappies to underwear can be as exciting as it is nerve-wracking...

Toilet Training at Discover My World ELC

At DMW, we are committed to making the transition as seamless and hassle-free as possible, giving your child the best chance of a positive outcome during this new period. We’ll let you know how your child goes during their day at DMW with reports of accidents & successful toilet trips so that you can track their progress. We take them for frequent trips to the bathroom and monitor their signs of readiness to ensure they have the confidence and independence to take this big step! Please ensure you pack lots of spare clothes and undies for this transition period.

It can be effective to use a reward chart for toilet training at home.

Signs of readiness include:

  • An interest in watching others go to the toilet

  • Dry nappies for up to two hours

  • Telling you when they've done a wee or poo

  • Apparent dislike for nappies

  • Begins to pull own pants up or down

  • Follows simple instructions

Toilet Training Tips & Tricks for home

  • Make sure you have all the right equipment: An insert for your toilet, a step to reach the toilet and tap, undies they have chosen to wear and a lot of spare clothes.

  • Plan toilet training at home when there are no changes to routine, no changes to ‘normal home life’ and no changes to care situations.

  • Children must be toilet trained at home first where parents can apply full attention and persistence; they must be familiar with the concept before trying in a distracting social environment

  • Constipation makes everything HARDER! Make sure your child is having regular bowel movements and soft formed poos before beginning toilet training.

  • Praise your child for trying and use gentle reminders for the use of the toilet

  • DO NOT PUNISH and try to control your frustration when they miss. Get them to help in the cleaning up process.

  • Say goodbye to all day time nappies and DON’T look back!

  • When starting out at home, limit your transport for long periods and any situations that may result in reverting back to nappies as they will get confused with their transition to underwear and as we know, predictability is the key to success!

  • Dress your child in elastic waistbands, dresses, skirts or just undies at first so they have easy and prompt access to the toilet – avoid jumpsuits and zippers to begin with.

  • Encourage your child to wipe their own bottom, but make sure you check for any residue

  • Teach girls to wipe front to back

  • Teach boys to make sure their penis is facing into the toilet to avoid unnecessary accidents. Once they are standing at the toilet encourage them to shake (Parent Tip: Give them something to aim for, like a ping-pong ball in the toilet!)

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