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Stay Connected with Different Lockdown Activities

At Discover My World ELC, we acknowledge the importance of community and being able to connect with one another. And although it may be different in this period of time, particularly with the recent extension of the lockdown in Greater Sydney, we still wanted to be able to connect with our families who are at home! Here are some activities that you can do at home with the children:

DMW Athletics Series

There has been a lot of hype around the 2020 Tokyo Olympics recently and to respond to the children’s interest, we have been doing our Mini-Olympics here at the centre! We’ve been focusing on an array of sports such as long jumps, shot puts, rugby league and even a three-legged race! However, we wanted to involve our families who are at home. So we decided to make a video series of the different activities we’ve done here at the centre.

DMW Athletics Series Part 1: Hurdles and Long Jumps

DMW Athletics Series Part 2: Relay and Shotput

DMW Music Time

At DMW, we love engaging in music time with the children! And to extend on this, we made a video series that shows different Nursery Rhymes such as Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer and Five Little Ducks! Nursery Rhymes are such a great way to develop children’s language and their ability to create inferences between words and actions!

DMW Music Time with Miss Nicole: Five Little Ducks

Virtual Zoo Lessons

If your children are curious about animals, a few of our local zoos have set up some really awesome resources for you to do at home with them! Below are some links that you guys could use at home:

We have so many activities in store for our Staying Connected Program! Stay tuned on Kinderloop and our social media accounts for updates!

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