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The 3 Be's: The DMW Way to Positive Behaviour Management

We are excited to launch a new approach to behaviour management and inclusion that we are embedding at Discover My World, called 'The 3 Bees'. We have defined The 3 Bees as – Be Kind, Be Safe, Be a Learner. Underneath each of these guidelines we have described four strategies to support children’s understanding of and ability to put them into practice.

The aim of The 3 Bees is to provide children with positive, holistic and appropriate guidelines for their learning and interactions with others. It is a way of teaching children how to make good, informed decisions and help them to be more aware of their responsibilities and how these factors impact their learning and well- being and that of others.

Jacob Kouninis is a well-recognised classroom management theorist. He believed that, “The goal of classroom management is to create an environment which not only stimulates student learning but also motivates students to learn”. Kounin’s approach suggests that, “The key to successful behaviour management is in preventing management problems from occurring in the first place by putting into place good organisation and planning”. We believe that our 3 Bees are the prefect recipe for good organisation and planning to enable children to succeed and thrive in our care.

Many behaviour theorists believe that providing children with rules enables them to make informed decisions, understand their role within different settings and motivate them to learn while preventing challenging behaviours. William Glasser states that rules empower children to have, “Ownership of their learning, have pride in their participation, have higher self-esteem and exhibit greater levels of self-confidence and higher levels of cognition”.

In addition, we believe that this process will also support children as they transition to primary school where they will be expected to follow school rules and of course on their life long journey as members of society!

Here are the strategies to support positive behaviour management:

To "Bee" kind, we encourage children to:

  • Take turns

  • Use nice words

  • Care for the Earth

  • Help Your Friends

To "Bee" Safe, we encourage children to:

  • Use gentle hands

  • Use walking feet

  • Pack away

  • My body only

To "Bee" a Learner, we encourage children to:

  • Use their listening ears

  • Use their looking eyes

  • Hands in laps

  • Legs crossed

As always, we welcome your feedback and hope that you will find this beneficial!

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