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Excursion Consent Form

As part of our educational program, the children attending Discover My World Early Learning Centre will have an opportunity to participate in a range of experiences and observations both at the service and off site that enable personal and social development, extension & reflection of learning and lots of fun!

The Parent Consent form attached is for all children enrolled and will be kept as part of our confidential records. Parents/Guardians are required to provide their express written consent for all excursions (held off-site), and for the use of images and observations as part of publications and other media including Facebook and our on-line observation and communication programs. Incursions that are held at the service do not require a consent form, however will be notified in our newsletters, communication boards and will feature as part of our Curriculum displayed in the classroom.


Discover My World Early Learning Centre also offers a variety of incursions for our families! We have been so fortunate to be part of a local community that has resources and opportunities to provide for our children such as visits from the local fire brigade, medical professionals and so much more. They will be announced on Kinderloop along with shared photographs of the events as they are taking place.

Observations and Photography

To enable planning, development and reflection of learning as part of our educational program, educators will observe and photograph children performing a range of activities that demonstrate the various developmental areas including social, gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive development. Documentation and photographs of experiences will also be shared on Kinderloop to further show the learning taking place and the relationships that are developing.



Most excursions are by foot and/or quad pram* and children are required to wear a DMW high visibility vest, sun-smart clothing, sunscreen, enclosed shoes and a hat.


*Trips to Heathcote East and the Sydney Tramway Museum will involve transport via mini-bus, train and/or tram. Children under 3 years old will be in a quad pram at all times for safety and ratio requirements. A separate permission slip will be issued for these excursions.


Important Notes

The attached consent form for regular excursions will cover the 12 - month period that the parent has signed the consent form in accordance to the National Regulations. Parents will be notified a week in advance of any special events and also have access to an excursion schedule located on the Parent Communication Board in your child’s classroom and in the service's foyer. If for any reason your child is unable to attend an excursion (late attendance, morning swimming lessons etc) please notify educators no later than 9:00am on the day of the excursion. If your child misses their allocated day, they will be offered other opportunities!


Safety and Wellbeing of children


  • The below practices have been established and will be adhered to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children and participants in both excursions and incursions as part of their learning and development journey at Discover My World ELC.

  • The children must be dressed in sun smart attire with comfortable closed shoes to ensure their safety and to minimise the risk of harm.

  • High-Vis Vests will be provided to the children containing the DMW Name so children can easily be seen by our Educator Team, Parents and Volunteers.

  • The spaces and rooms being used will be checked for any dangerous objects or substances, and must be safe for the children – no sharp objects or slip hazards.

  • Hygiene – Children, educators, coaches, residents will all undertake hand hygiene prior to and during the experiences. Gloves will be used for the handling of any food.

  • A minimum of 2 educators will take part in any experiences off site.  Additional staff and volunteer parents will be called upon to ensure the educator to child ratio is appropriate for the activity.  Where supervision is being provided outside of the service, DMW will ensure our educator to children ratios are also maintained for added supervision and observations of learning.


  • Toileting – children will be toileted prior to attending any off-site activities.  Where the child needs further toileting during an activity, they will be escorted and supervised by an educator.

  • For our intergenerational experiences, children will not sit on residents’ laps. This is addressed with children and residents prior to events.  This is due to the risk of injury to the child and/or resident. DMW educators will be present and participate in all experiences facilitated by an external person or organization at the service. This is to ensure the security, safety and supervision of all children.

  • On the day that your child will be going on an excursion, our Educator team will notify you about their departure and arrival times from the Service via Kinderloop. This is so you are given updates about their whereabouts whilst within our care.

  • Experiences will be documented and captured as part of our curriculum and posted on Kinderloop.


COVID Safety

While we are no longer in a pandemic, DMW still takes our responsibilities to health and safety seriously.

DMW remains a COVID-Safe Service, duly registered and adhering to the protocols prompted by the Australian Government, New South Wales Health Department and State Ministry. We uphold the community's safety and prioritise the wellbeing of all individuals (children, educators, staff, families, visitors or volunteers) by ensuring those with signs or symptoms of unwellness are not in attendance at the service.

While exclusion periods are no longer enforced by the government, DMW still require a child or parent effected by COVID to remain away from the service for the period of time they are unwell and infectious. Where possible, we aim to eliminate and minimise risks of spread by raising awareness of infectious illnesses and also enforcing exclusion periods where applicable (various illnesses in line with the Department of Health).

We do however respect some of our partners have varying practices and requirements including Moran Aged Care whom we have partnered with for our intergenerational program. Any COVID cases may therefore impact incursions or excursions taking place to ensure we minimise risk to our vulnerable community in the event of outbreaks.

Any changes to our practices or circumstances with regard to our Incursions or Excursions will be communicated via Kinderloop. With COVID-19 situation constantly changing, we assure families that we remain vigilant with our practices and we'll continue to monitor the situation ahead of any incursions or excursions actually taking place.

Risk Management

DMW ensure that all potential risks are associated with various incursions & excursions have been identified and mitigated. A risk management plan is completed for each experience type and will be reviewed and updated frequently in the event of changes, to ensure it remains current and relevant. The safety and wellbeing of our children, educators and volunteers is of upmost importance.


In the event a parent/guardian has a concern of any nature, we ask that you please speak with our Management Team who will promptly address. You can also contact us at 9548 1333 or via email

Thank you for the opportunity to provide your children with a holistic approach to learning and development as part of their journey at Discover My World!

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