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Our Vision

We believe in creating and cultivating an environment that is caring, loving and nurturing where children are treated with equality and their cultural diversity is embraced.


Our programs support individual and group needs, providing enriching experiences that promote discovery, development and learning. Through ongoing observation and evaluation we continue to explore new ways that encourage family participation and build relationships based on trust and partnership with parents and the wider community.


We endeavour to provide a service that offers new and innovative ways to support children’s development, while consistently complying with all regulations and practicing the highest standards of care at all times.


Discover My World strives to be the first choice for parents seeking early year’s education for their children, and an employer of choice within the industry supporting the personal and professional development of our educator team who are the heart and soul of our service!

Our Values

Discover My World has 8 core values which define the way we behave, educate and care for our children, staff and the environment we live. Our ‘D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R’ values are at the heart of everything we do.


  • DEVELOPMENT – Encourage the holistic development of children, commit to our own personal and professional development as educators and continue to develop our story as a leading service in early childhood.


  • INNOVATION – Lead the way, embrace creativity, think outside the box to bring new ideas forward and take initiative to create new opportunities!


  • SOCIETY – Connecting with our community, facilitating a strong sense of belonging for all families, and building foundation skills for life.


  • CULTURE – Contribute to the service’s culture of high performance, accountability and inclusivity, creating a warm and welcoming environment that allows educators and children to thrive.


  • OPPORTUNITY – Seize opportunities to reflect on areas of improvement, provide new and exciting experiences for children, be receptive to new ideas and maintain high standards for ourselves in our roles.


  • VISION – Everyone works towards the same goal to achieve our mission as educators, support children to reach their full potential and make a commitment to continual growth.


  • ENVIRONMENT – Create an environment that is inclusive, meaningful and engaging for children while considering each child’s individual interests and strengths. Embed sustainable practices and teach children to care for the world around them.


  • RELATIONSHIP – Role-model positive personal and professional relationships in which there is mutual respect and appreciation - between children, families, each other and the wider community!

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