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The discover journey

Our Curriculum

Our very own educational program is designed to cater for all areas of development in a stimulating and interactive way, encouraging curiosity, independence and discovery. This is an important part of the way we support children's development, build connections with families, and ensure that everything we do is maximising the children's opportunity to learn in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. It ensures all development areas are a consistent focus with age appropriate development and experiences on offer for all children. New projects evolve as we challenge our children's thinking and explore new ways of learning.


The Discover Journey provides opportunities to explore:

  • Physical development, health, hygiene, wellbeing

  • Science, sustainability, community and the world around me

  • Maths, problem solving and thinking skills

  • Creativity, expression and anything else!

  • Literacy, language development and communication

  • Identity, culture, social skills and behaviour, belonging


Open, honest communication with our families is essential to us as educators & carers of your child. We use a secure platform called Kinderloop to send you updates throughout the day, daily routine checks, developmental reports, important messages and photos of your little one learning & growing with us. All of this can be accessed right at your fingertips - meaning you can be a part of your child's learning journey, wherever you may be!

Transition to School

Transitioning from early learning to primary school is an exciting and nerve-wracking process! Children continue their learning journey with new peers, new routines, new teachers and a completely new environment. We support this process by communicating with our families openly during this time and ensuring your child is prepared and confident for big school. Their 'school readiness' begins from the moment they are carried into our service as babies! Through our dedicated curriculum and focused learning outcomes, the children at DMW get an opportunity to learn new things every single day - inevitably preparing them for a life-long journey of learning!

Our Intergenerational Program

We feel very fortunate for the opportunity to develop such a unique & special partnership with our neighbours above! Our Intergenerational Program is a collaborative program we offer in partnership with Moran Health Care Group, one of Australia’s leading residential aged care providers. This program brings together the youngest and eldest generations for an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge in a safe environment.

There are a range of experiences for our residents & children to enjoy together.  There is also associated learning and developing of skills that is happening without the children or elders evening knowing!

Gardening, Reading, Creative arts and Cooking are all experiences we have shared and learned from. The ability for interaction, social development, role modelling and involvement has enabled all participants to take part at various levels. While some like to observe, most children and residents take part in the experiences and share their journey – conversations include past experiences while the curiosity of our children encourages many exciting new conversations and opportunities for our educators to extend upon in future learning and curriculum plans.

Many of the National Quality Standards for early childhood education can be explored as part of our intergenerational experiences. Building relationships, collaborative partnerships with families and communities, educational programs and practices that are stimulating, engaging and enhances children’s learning and development. Offering a range of activities and social settings for children to learn from educators and members of their community.

Ready Steady Go Kids

Each Term since June 2015, the children of Discover My World have a special opportunity to participate in the Ready Steady Go Kids program with sessions held on site at DMW each week.

Enrolled children participate in a range of sports over a 10 week term, learning new skills and team work. The program focuses on a specific gross motor, hand-eye/foot-eye and/or balance activity to complement the sport component. The program structure is repeated each week so that children become familiar and comfortable with the routine.


Due to our partnership with the team of RSGK since opening our service, we can offer a special price for children who are enrolled at the service.

Find out more at: 

Jam n' Jive

Every Friday we host music and movement classes for our toddlers and preschoolers. Jam n' Jive stimulates learning, helps to build confidence and allows children to harness their energy with a mix of rhythm, musical instruments, song and dance! At no cost to families, this inclusive program is a crowd favourite and a fantastic way to finish the week here at DMW!

Incursions & Excursions

We know that learning happens far beyond the classroom and we love being able to offer our children a huge range of experiences throughout the year! Our Explorers and Pioneers enjoy weekly visits to the local park, library and supermarkets, all conveniently located within walking distance of our centre. Children are able to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations: including road safety and using protection whilst out in the sun. These excursions are valuable components of each child's development, allowing them to explore the world and gain new skills like borrowing books from the library! Our Pioneers also get to visit the local schools, meet kindergarten teachers in the area and learn about the transition they will make at the end of the year.

We have recently invested in two quad prams which will give our younger bubs lots of excursion opportunities! Our new 'Walk n' Talk' program will give our babies and toddlers a chance to get involved in the local community and engage in small group learning beyond the boundaries of the service.

We also host a variety of incursions throughout the year including visits from local Aboriginal Elders, science presentations, story time with residents from Moran and visits from SES volunteers (police, fire & ambulance workers). In addition to these educational experiences, we also have a yearly 'Health Month' and have professionals come to the centre to perform dental checks, vision screening and hearing tests. We promote the importance of these health checks during the early years and ensure that our children receive the best chance for good health.

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