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My two kids go to DMW. Really happy with the place! The director is fabulous and really goes out of her way to provide a good service. Babies still get fresh air and sunshine even though it’s under cover. Means when it’s raining they can still play as usual and not stuck in the classroom space! They provide dentist visits, hearing and speech screens and have parent nights etc to get to know others. Great menu of food for the kids - love that I don’t have to pack food or linen or nappies for drop off each day!!!

- Erin S.


"Could absolutely rave about DMW! Staff are just beautiful and amazing and my kids have all loved it there! Highly recommend!!"

- Kayla S.


"Can definitely recommend Discover My World ELC. Our little boy has been going since 4 months old and can not fault it at all."

- Ness L.


"Can definitely recommend discover my world my 2 year old and 10 month have both been going since they were 6 months and love it!"

- Holly L.


"My granddaughter has just recently left DMW because they moved out of area. I know that was my daughter’s one regret. Everyone was always so nice and Ella loved going to school!"

- Bernadette S.


"Both my girls go to DMW. I can’t fault the place. The director and the staff go above and beyond for all the kids in their care. My eldest daughter starts school next year and she is so ready due to her time there."

- Danielle G


"We're at DMW. The place is absolutely fantastic. Our almost 3 year old has been there since he was around 8 months old. Staff are awesome. Can't fault a single thing."

- Daniel O.


"DMW are great, my little one started this year in the nursery she seems settled and happy and has a smile on her face when dropping off!"

- Susan P.


"DMW is amazing, my eldest has been there since a baby, and our new boy will be there next year. Can't recommend highly enough!"

- Jason G.

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