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Discover the DMW Difference


Our Offering

We believe in creating and cultivating an environment that is caring, loving and nurturing where children are treated with equality and their cultural diversity is embraced. Through ongoing observation and evaluation, we continue to explore new ways that encourage family participation and build relationships based on trust and partnership with parents and the wider community.

Learning at Discover My World


The Discover Journey

Our educational program is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach, providing dynamic and inclusive environments across the service. We tailor our program to cater to individual needs, interests and development levels so that your child is given a truly personalised experience.

Learning at Discover My World


Our Community

Discover My World partners with an array of local businesses, industry professionals and community members to provide our children with a range of meaningful experiences. We pride ourselves on our tight-knit community and our ongoing commitment to giving back through fundraisers, donations and consumable drives.



Our Menu

We support children to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing through nutrition, physical activity and annual health screens. Fresh meals are cooked daily by our on-site chef, an array of excursion opportunities promote physical activity and the service partners with industry professionals to engage hearing, vision and speech screens annually.

We pride ourselves on being a team of qualified and passionate educators, dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and education. We drive a positive workplace culture built on respectful relationships, commitment to improvement and open, honest communcation.

Health and Wellbeing


Our Team

Don't just take our word for it... discover why hundreds of families choose DMW for their little ones!

Health and Wellbeing



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