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Occupational Therapist Consent Form

At Discover My World we believe in the ability of each child to thrive and achieve their full potential. We value the dignity, rights and uniqueness of each child and cater for this through inclusive practises. We believe that collaboration with families and consistency among our team are the keys to success.

In relation to this, we have partnered with an Occupational Therapist who has agreed to work with our team as we provide support for the children's developmental skills. As part of the program being offered, we have asked the OT to provide screening observations of children to allow us to understand their strengths and weaknesses in their:

  • Fine Motor Skills (Use of their hands and fingers)

  • Gross Motor Skills (Use of their body in big movements such as sport)

  • Self-care skills

  • Emotional Development

  • Social Interaction Skills

  • Behaviour and Sensory Processing


A screening observation is a brief guide to a child's abilities and provides a guide to the child's skills compared with the expected results for a child of their age or grade. The screening observation also indicates whether a full assessment is warranted.​

The services are given at a discounted rate of $90.00 and includes the screening of the child at Discover My World ELC and a report to be given to the parents.

Upon receipt of this signed parental consent form, your child will have a screening observation and may be recommended to receive a formal assessment where you will then be contacted to discuss the results.

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